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Our Services


Illustrious Face Contouring

Radio Frequency energy will be used to heat the skin in order to stimulate collagen production, restoring the skin elasticity, and prevent skin aging and eliminate wrinkles.

Illustrious Booty Therapy

Vacuum therapy will be used to achieve the results of an "Illustrious Booty". Vacuum therapy is noninvasive and will tone your buttock by lifting and contouring using a suction device equipped with glass cups. NON-INVASIVE, NO DOWNTIME.

Illustrious Body Sculpting

Our body contouring process allows us to target unwanted fat cells on the body by using cavitation to burst fat cells, RF technology to tighten skin, vacuum RF to increase temperature and break down deep fatty tissue in the body and lipo lasers to break down stored fat cells. NON-INVASIVE, NO DOWNTIME.


This service is a one hour treatmentand will us HP gel and blue LEDlight to brighten smile. (Results will vary depending on lifestyle and post treatment maintenance.)

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